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SHIRTS: Need a size exchange? No problem. Please return your items within 14 days in unused/unworn condition if you have a problem.

HOLSTERS CCW ITEMS: Please return your items within 14 days in unused/unworn condition

BELTS: These are custom sewn to spec and there will be a %15 fee on size exchange once belt has shipped.

KNIVES: There will be a 20% restocking fee for canceled orders. These are custom, and there are wait times involved in making the scabbards to get them out the door. This is a design/fabrication shop, not amazon or Walmart. Please make sure it is cool with your significant other, your finances are sound, and you are sober before you place an order. 

20% may seem a little steep but Buyer's Remorse REALLY messes up our system. Irresponsible orders make a knife unavailable to other customers by taking it out of store inventory. It also takes time and energy away from us actually physically making things for our other customers to deal with paper work and e-mails involved in canceling an order, and taking an order out of the system.

Andrew and Ben Bawidamann

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